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(born in Ufa, Russia on 7.09.1973)


Radik Kudoyarov is a well-known independent Russian filmmaker, director and screenwriter. He studied history at Bashkir State University and was trained in television management at the University of California. Since 1994, he has worked extensively for Federal Russian TV Stations, Moscow. In 2003, he established his own film production company, RITE, and has produced and directed over 30 documentary films.


As Producer, Radik Kudoyarov has chosen a great variety of fascinating subjects to film. As Screenwriter, he is thoroughly immersed in the true to life details of the story, historical accuracy, and insights into the artistic side of the people involved. As Director, he combines all of his skills making each film very personal and original. Putting the individual at the heart of events, and telling the history through personal destiny, he enables each viewer to identify with the story. His films capture the attention of the audience from the first minutes and this interest is maintained to the end of the story.


The goal of each film is to entertain, educate and be thought provoking.


His films have been shown in Russia, Europe, and throughout the world.

He has been invited for Gala screenings in Russia, University of Oxford, the EHESS (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris - School of Advance Studies in Social Services, Paris), the University of Amsterdam, the University of Leyden, Centre International des Arts, Paris. After each screening, Kudoyarov encourages audience participation with candid questions and discussions with him.


He has received very good reviews and praise from the critics, and his audience has reacted in a positive way, asking with interest about his future projects.


Radik Kudoyarov Films:


  • Rudolf Nureyev, the Myth (2003)


  • The Black General about Dayan Murzin, hero of the Liberation of Czechoslovakia during WWII, (2003)


  • Superagent at NATO, (2004)


  • The Plot of the Century, about the exchange of spies, Gary F.Powers and Rudolf Abel, famous incident during the Cold War, (2004)


  • Nuremberg, the Last Battle, (2005)


  • Alibi for Paul McCartney, (2005)


  • Rudolf Nureyev, Stolen Immortality, (2007)


  • The Afghan Trap. The Secret of the Badaber Camp, about the rebellion of the war Soviet prisoners in Afghanistan in 1985, (2009)


  • Evgeni Primakov, an Ordinary Man, about the Minister for Foreign Affairs, then Prime Minister of the Russian Government in 1998 and 1999 (2009)


  • The Berlin Wall, Trajectory of the Fall, (2009)


  • The Reunification of Germany, in the Wings of a Triumph, (2010)

  • Normandy-Niemen, We flew in the same skies, about French-Russian cooperation during WWII, (2010)

  • Charles De Gaulle, His Majesty the President, this film was shown on the closure of the France-Russia year in Paris, (2010)

  • Karim Hakimov, Russian Lawrence of Arabia, (2011)

  • In the Heart of Mother Earth, about the ecological problems in Russia, (2013)

  • Kubota’s Kimonos, History on Silk, docu-feature about the Japanese artist Kubota Ichiku and the restoration of the ancient technique tsujigahana of printing on textiles, (2013)

  • The General, docu-feature about the darkest unknown period of WWII, (2015)

  • Peace and Sport (2015)

  • Appointed by time (2018)

  • The GIFT (2020)


Radik Kudoyarov is currently working on several feature film projects.



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