Thanks to Rudolf, whom I never met personally, his trusted friends have become friends of mine and I am very grateful for their kindness.
Saint-Petersburg, October 2001.
"The Myth of Rudolf"

I could never have imagined meeting over 100 people walking down this Long and Winding Road. Some of the people very close to Rudolf are presented in this gallery.
Saint-Petersburg, October 2001.
With Ninel Kurgapkina, Rudolf's friend and his ballet partner at the Kirov Ballet. She helped Nureyev to prepare his last "La Bayardère," which was presented at the Paris Opera in October 1992.
Saint-Petersburg, October 8, 2001.
With Natalia Dudinskaya - a Russian prima ballerina. She was partnered by Rudolf at the Kirov Ballet.
Saint-Petersburg, October 2001.
Alla Osipenko, Rudolf's friend and ballet partner at the Kirov Ballet.
Monte-Carlo, March 11, 2002.
With one of Rudolf's most trusted friends, Marika Bezobrazova, and his dog Saloria. I am very grateful to Marika for always being so open and kind to me...
Paris, March 2002.
With Nicole Gonzalez and René Sirven.
Paris, March 16 or 17, 2002.
With Lynn Seymour who “was often partnered by her dear friend Rudolf” and Rudolf’s partner and friend Wallace Potts. He was very kind to me. Unfortunately, Wallace is not with us anymore...
London, April 6, 2014
Again with Lynn Seymour:
interesting talks and warm memories...
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